My e-mail Promise

We all HATE being signed up for mailing lists, because some company "bought" a clean, opt-in only, guaranteed list from a guy who knows a guy in Nigeria.

If you receive a GENUINE email from me (I can't be held responsible for Viri and Bots resending an email harvested from an infected machine), then you will have put your details into my Mailing List. End of.

If you want to stop receiving them, simply tell me or click the unsubscribe link in any email I send you. Make sure you follow the link to THIS website, not an external website to unsubscribe.

Will I ever sell your details?

Snowballs and hell come to mind. I would never dream of selling your information for any reason. You are trusting me with it, it stays with me ... forever (or until you unsubscribe)!


I have made sure the location of your details are physically and electronically secure.

As I don't offer a secure section on my website at the moment and don't ask you for a password, there is no password to store or lose. If and when I offer this feature, I will use a third party public authentication service, such as PayPal or Facebook.

This website (and my others) all use SSL certificates to encrypt communications from your web browser to my server.

Any concerns?

If you want to ask me about any of this, please Contact me and let me know.