Rebuilding an iRobot Roomba Battery

Back in 2010 (or there about's) I decided to replace the battery cells in a Roomba battery. I was going through a time-lapse phase, so set up my Canon 350d and an interval timer and this is the result. 

I've had nearly 50k views on my YouTube video and many questions asking for a tutorial, or the uncompressed video (which doesn't exist). The video wasn't meant as a tutorial, it was an experiment, that worked out quite well in the end. The replacement battery lasted for quite a few years, but we retired "Bob" in the end and bought a newer model a few years ago. I might dig the old "Bob" (we called him that) out and set him up as a development platform, as I've seen some people doing that for robotics development.

Anyway, the video is still there and is fun to watch, if not overly informative :)

Oh, another video that went up around the same time was a time lapsed video of a Sunday way back then. It's not got great outside images in it, as I was experimenting with the time lapse and exposures on the camera, but kills 3 minutes if you have them to spare!