Oak Egg Cups

Having a few hours to spare in the workshop lets you just create something that you don't have to think too hard about building. When the rare opportunity arose to just make a quick little something, I knew what it would be. My kids love their dippy eggs (soft boiled eggs if you're not in the UK) and the egg cups we've had for them just aren't very good. They never hold the eggs well enough and they're made of ceramic, which has the obvious end-of-life conclusion.

My wife found a picture online of wooden egg cups and they looked simple enough to build, so that's what I did. There is a stack of oak blanks in my shop that I purchased for not a lot of money last year. I keep finding uses for them as they're PSE and really easy to just pick up and use. In this case, I only had to rip one of the blanks to 60mm and then cross-cut to 50mm to make squares. The oak is about 30mm thick, so these make decent size egg cups.

For the base, I used another of the blanks and trimmed the ends and width to give a 20mm border around the egg cups. I then used a router with a straight bit and a guide (I got the idea of this from Jesse over at the Samurai Carpenter) to clean out the middle of the board. This left rounded inside corners, which took a minute to square up with a chisel. 

Throw a couple of coats of food-safe mineral oil on it all and boom ... egg cups in a couple of spare hours!

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