Laura Kampf Inspired Bench-top "Portable" Workbench

In this project, I start the build of my bench-top workbench. Inspired by Laura Kampf and the numerous Roubo workbenches out there, this will tide me over until I can make the time to build a full-size Roubo bench. I have lots of ideas for making the big Roubo, but hardwood costs a lot in the UK, so will be looking to make it from readily available pine lumber. 

Project Notes: The pine was from an old bed that was salvaged from a skip. The wood was nice and dry and stable, which worked well for the top. The Oak used for the ends, the vice and the dovetailed middle leg were bought as a batch of blanks, about 12"x5"x11/2". The vice came from Axminster Tools and is a Veritas Front Vice, which can be found here:

You can check out Part 1 of the build video on YouTube below:

Part 2 is now up on YouTube, which shows the dog holes being drilled (and the fun I had with that) and machining the custom bench dogs to fit my thinner workbench.

The next part will consist of adding feet (that can be clamped to the bench) and final planing and finishing. There is also a special addition I want to make, but that will be a surprise for the video.